Reservations & Waitlist

  • While walk-ins are welcome, class sizes are limited. We highly recommend reserving classes online in order to guarantee your spot in class.
  • Classes fill up quickly, but spaces will open up as clients reschedule. If you’d like to attend a class that is full, please put yourself on the waitlist. As soon as a spot opens up in class, you will receive an email notification.
  • When you arrive at the studio, please check-in at the front desk. Reservations will be honored only up to 5 minutes after start of class. After this, our reservation will be given away to anyone on the waitlist.
  • If you are on the waitlist for an early morning class, please watch  for a confirmation email or call the studio before class. If you prefer not to keep waiting, please take your name off the waitlist.

Cancellations & No-shows

  • If you cannot attend class, cancel your class online by 10:00pm for next mornings class (AM classes) and 2 hours before class (PM classes) to avoid being charged for a no-show/ late cancel.
  • If you are using a class package, a no-show results in a loss of that class. If you are using a membership package, your account will be charged $15 for a no-show.
  • Remember: failing to cancel will count as a no-show.

Late Arrival to Class

  • First time students may not enter a class late. Arriving 10 minutes early is highly recommended.
  • Returning students may enter an ongoing class up to, but not after 10 minutes into class.  Reservations will be honored only up to 5 minutes after start of class. If someone is waiting at the studio, your  reservation will be given away.
  • Upon entering class, lift your knees 40 times to warm up before joining in.

Class Attire

  • Please wear exercise pants that cover the knees, a top that cover the midriff, and socks that cover the entire foot.
  • Students may bring their own socks from home, or purchase Bar Method socks with sticky grips at the studio.

Studio Etiquette

  • Please do not bring glass or uncapped drinks into the exercise studios. Capped water bottles are allowed. No colored liquids. Just water please.
  • Please do not bring cell phones into the exercise studio. Store it in the lockers with the rest of your belongings.
  • Please do not chew gum in the exercise studio.
  • We provide towels without charge. Hand towels are available. Please leave your towel in the hamper In bathroom or locker room.
  • Disruptive students may be asked to leave. Please be respectful of fellow students and your instructor.
  • You may leave class early, but you must leave before Backdancing.

Pregnant Clients

  • We recommend First-time students who are pregnant To take Bar Method Pregnancy DVD class before joining the regular class.
  • New and continuing pregnant students MUST provide the front desk with a note from their doctor allowing them to take strengthening and stretching classes before their first class.
  • Refer to Pregnant Or Post Natal for detailed modification information.

Age Restrictions

  • No clients are admitted before they reach 16 years of age.
  • Clients under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Illness & Injuries

  • Please notify front desk staff and instructors of any illness or injury that may impact your ability to exercise. In some cases, a doctors note may be required to allow you to take class.
  • Just a cold? Please stay home, rest, and avoid spreading the virus to others.